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About Us

In 2020, Oliika, a jewelry brand, was born in the enchanting city of Prague, thanks to the serendipitous meeting of three young women at a jewelry exhibition. United by a shared love for jewelry and a harmonious creative vision, they quickly forged a deep friendship, establishing a creative design studio in the heart of Prague.

Inspired by the romantic streets of Prague, the tranquil Vltava River banks, and the unique charm of Czech art, this dynamic trio embraces a design philosophy rooted in vintage classics.

Avis, with her unique passion for gemstones and metal craftsmanship, delicately weaves the beauty of nature into her designs. Cathy, a fashion enthusiast with a keen eye for trends, ensures their creations remain at the forefront of fashion. Elaine, a skilled artisan, infuses each piece with meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Today, Oliika, through the collective efforts of these three women, has gracefully brought its romantic vintage concept and distinctive designs to women worldwide. Elevating everyday fashion with a touch of sophistication, Oliika invites you to embrace a more stylish and unique expression in your daily attire.

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Our philosophy

We are dedicated to creating minimalist jewelry pieces that become a part of your everyday look.